Communications Specialist: Jean M. Livingston

Education: B.S. Business Management, Journalism Emphasis, Upper Iowa University
35 credits toward MBA, Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin.

Professional Experience: 37 years in Communications and Technology Transfer 

Awards: Certificates of Merit 1992-1999; U.S. Department Energy-Champion of Energy Award 2002; USDA Forest Service Chief’s Award for Technology Transfer 2003; USDA Honor Award 2004.

Publications: Served as senior technical writer/editor for 150+ scientific publications submitted to referred journals; authored hundreds of nontechnical publications.

Communications Expertise:

Grant Activities:

Technology Transfer:

Synopsis: Lead the communications program for USDA Forest Service, Technology Marketing Unit, at the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) in Madison, Wisconsin, for the past 10 years. Have collaborated on numerous projects with rural, forest-dependent communities and their leaders throughout the United States such as Forest Service Ranger Districts and Regional Offices; community economic councils; and small forestry businesses. Prior experience includes 12 years in North and South Dakota working for the Soil Conversation Service (now NRCS) and Agricultural Research Service, both USDA agencies.