Technology Transfer Successes


Development of new composite products from, for example, recycled waste paper, waste thermoplastics, and spent railroad ties.*

Development of ways to use forest and wood products residues for panel products using adhesives and binders varying from thermoplastics, to cement, to adhesives from renewable and non-renewable resources.*

Development of structural panels, joists, lumber, beams, and flooring systems from particles, flakes and veneer.*

Managed a team of scientists and production specialists in the development of new wood veneer production equipment.*

Worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, developing and moderating a Forum on the subject of "Funding E-advice” from the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and the National Forest Programme Facility.

Served as a co-editor and wrote several chapters for the four-volume “Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences” published by Elsevier, Ltd. in 2004.

Authored in excess of 120 refereed publications and technology documents. This work is continuing.

Assisted in the development of specifications, inspection procedures, grade stamps, codes and standards for a number of composite products. (This work was done in committees of standards writing associations and groups, such as ASTM™.)

Helped develop and implement a communication plan to introduce new wood technology that was presented at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

As part of a 3-person team, constructed and managed multi-member donations to build a national 2700 sq ft demonstration house for research.

Facilitated the planning and implementation of a national public relations campaign that introduced new wood energy technology into rural communities.

*These technologies were commercialized by moving research studies through the production scale-up process and working with individual companies or industry groups. In many cases, the research studies were made public through technical and non-technical publications and presentations at scientific and technology transfer conferences.